Lee Wybranski is one of the premier artists working in golf today. He has been commissioned to create drawings and paintings for many of the finest clubs and organizations in the game. These include many of the marquee clubs in the world including Cypress Point Club, Pine Valley Golf Club and The Old Course at St Andrews. In addition, Lee works annually for the governing bodies of the game creating classic, collectable work on behalf of The R&A, PGA of America and United States Golf Association.

Lee’s original artwork hangs in the homes of Major Champions and some of the finest clubs in the game, and his posters hang in thousands of homes and offices around the world. Lee works in a variety of media and his work is known to tell a story and capture the emotions and atmoshpere surrounding and event or venue. His timeless aesthetic evokes emotion and memory in each painting.

Our Team


Lee Wybranski

I have been a professional artist since graduating from college and have been making pictures for as long as I can remember. I lived in comic books as a kid and my first drawings were of most boys’ heroes – Spiderman, Batman, Captain America. As I grew older, my subjects shifted with my interests and I began to draw sports stars and musicians. I’m not sure how many pictures I did of the Beatles but eventually, I could draw John Lennon from memory.

Business Manager

Jamie Shadian

I come from a career in athletics and spent the last seven years coaching collegiate basketball before joining the studio in 2015. A chief strength of mine is driving people to be their best and organizing efforts to make them more effective.

My work in the studio involves managing all of our internal and external operations. I specifically focus on our development, fulfillment, website and online presence, as well as Lee’s appearances in broadcast and print media. My law degree has also proven beneficial for contract writing and filing copyrights.


Inga Young

My skills and experience are a combination of creative and organizational abilities and I am directly involved with all art production that occurs in the studio. In broad terms, I work with Lee in developing preliminary sketches and concepts. I have a hand on all logo design projects that come through our door. I assist with the painting of the final artwork and I manage the output of all of our digital fine art. I also work with the team on our large fulfillment projects and manage our product onsite at the major championships.


Christina Frederking

I am a 2019 graduate from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I joined Lee’s firm as an assistant graphic designer to help in all aspects of our design services. My education in design and my background in marketing and social media has allowed me to step right in for an immediate impact.

I have personally studied art for over 10 years and have a passion for illustration and animation. My formal computer training, combined with my adaptive and creative nature, allows me to assist in more technical areas and provide modern solutions to help the business grow further. I hope to improve myself as an artist while working under Lee and increase my potential in this field.